Mastermind Retreat

Who Is this For? 

This retreat is for women who:

  • Want to show up big in this world and make an impact

  • Know that there is something MORE in this life for them

  • Who are tired of running on caffeine and dry shampoo and constantly being stressed out and overwhelmed

  • Who are seeking more purpose, passion, and clarity in their lives

  • Want to create a life beyond their wildest dreams, not just in their career or their health, but in all aspects of their lives

  • Are yearning for deep authentic connections with like-minded women

  • Want to prioritize their own health and wellness

  • Are ready to level up and step into their greatness

  • Are excited to step into their role as a leader in their community/profession

  • Who are ready to create and live their dream lives




What Can You Expect?

You will come back from this retreat:

  • Refreshed and recharged after a week of playing on the beach, laughing, reflecting, connecting, planning, and moving

  • With a new sense of passion and purpose for your life

  • With deep soul connections with like-minded women who will become lifelong friends

  • With a clear vision of the life that you want to create related to your health, wealth, relationships, philanthropy, and mindset

  • With a strategic plan you are ready to execute and the tools you need to create YOUR dream life

  • Knowing you have the accountability and support you need after the retreat ends 




Why Is This Retreat Special?

Usual vacations leaving you feeling tired and sluggish from eating too much, drinking too much, staying up late and being constantly on the go. The CYDL retreat we will give you the opportunity to truly relax and recharge, with healthy food and snacks, daily meditation, and daily yoga class or movement. You will come back refreshed, recharged, and ready to rock.


Most “yoga retreats” are simply a vacation with a few extra yoga classes included. Although we will be doing yoga as well, the CYDL retreat is so much more! This retreat is intentionally designed to renew a sense of purpose and passion in your life. You will come back renewed and refreshed and also with a strong clarity in the life that you want to create and the tools and confidence to create that dream life. Our activities and conversations will utilize tools of many modalities, including the Blue Zones research finding that people live the longest and are happiest when they have a strong sense of belonging in the community and a purpose greater than themselves.


During most retreats, you don’t leave the resort. Not us! We will get out and not only explore the local community but give back through a day of volunteering together as a group in the community. Philanthropy and giving of our time and other resources is one of the key pillars to creating a high vibe life, and we will be putting that into action during this trip.


Most retreats end when you get on the plane. You have high aspirations to stay in touch with new friends and maintain healthy habits you’ve adopted during your time away but… life happens. We will make sure that you have accountability and support in creating your dream life and staying connected with everyone from the retreat through a weekly check-in call for the first four weeks after the retreat.