Hello Fellow Seeker! I am Nikki: I help depleted clients deepen their spiritual practice to rediscover their personal magic. I have been working as a therapist, mindset coach and meditation instructor for over 10 years, serving thousands of women. I specialize in deepening your intuitive knowing, which allows you to step into a place of power (in every facet of your life). Utilizing Positive Psychology, Reiki, Akashic Records, Meditation and deep, intuitive journaling my clients see seismic spiritual shifts in their lives almost immediately.




Each day we will have the opportunity to ground ourselves deeply in meditation before our waking work begins. Each meditation will be specially created to assist the individual and the group energy to have the highest possible experience; setting our intention to serve our greatest purpose and raising the vibration of the collective. 




Private Reiki Session (45-60 mins) $120

Personalized Meditation/Coaching Session $175

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