Frequently Asked Questions

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What If I’ve Never Done a Retreat Before?

That’s amazing! We would love to be your first retreat and know you will feel transformed, recharged, and re-energized at the end of the week. The main difference between a retreat and a vacation is that a retreat is more intentional about the purpose of the trip. The purpose of the Create Your Dream Life Retreat is threefold: 1)to feel healthier, recharged, and re-energized; 2) to develop a clear vision for the life you want, a plan to create that life, and get the tools, support, and accountability to implement that plan; and 3) to develop strong connections and friendships with like-minded women.

Will You Be Running The Retreat Again?

I’m not sure! I would definitely like to make these retreats a regular thing.  However, my immediate goal is to make the November 2020 Mastermind and Next Chapter retreats a huge success and an amazing, transformative experience for all of the retreat participants. If you are interested but, on the fence, come this fall!! I can’t promise that I will be doing this again.


When Is the Deadline to Sign Up?

There are limited spots and they are filling up fast! I’m not into creating a false sense of urgency as a sales pitch but there truly are a small number of spots. Because I am renting a private house (did I mention it's right on the beach, with a private pool…) there are seven bedrooms available for each retreat. Each room is unique, so the spots are first come, first served. To ensure you get a spot and get the room you want, don’t delay in signing up!


What If I Don’t Have Someone to Come With?

It is 100% okay if you don’t have someone to come with – in fact, it’s more than okay! I promise you will make amazing connections with like-minded women, and those connections are likely to turn into lifelong friendships. My own experience traveling solo is that it’s a deeper, richer experience and I’m much more likely to meet new people, do exactly what I want to do, and grow more in the experience. Plus, what better opportunity to travel “solo” when you know you will be with a loving group of other women, have planned group activities, and still have the freedom to branch out on your own a bit? (P.S. We will pick you up right at the airport so as soon as you land in Costa Rica, you will be in good hands!)


What If I Don’t Speak Spanish?

You do not need to speak Spanish for this retreat. All group activities will be in English (or will be translated into English). All of the restaurants nearby have menus that are in both English and Spanish. Playa Hermosa is a tourist beach town, so most people you encounter will speak at least enough English for you to get around, order food and drinks, shop, etc.


In general Costa Ricans are very happy, fun, and laid back.  They would be thrilled if you at least can speak two words in Spanish – PURA VIDA! “Pura Vida” is the national slogan of Costa Rica. Literally translated, it means “pure life” and Ticos (that is what Costa Ricans are called) use it to mean hello, goodbye, thank you, you’re welcome and to generally convey feelings of happiness, health, and well-wishes.


Do I Need a Passport?

Yes! If you don’t have one, there is plenty of time to get one. Standard passport processing takes 6-8 weeks, but you can order expedited passport service for a small additional fee. If you already have your passport, NOW is a great time to double check that expiration date!


What Should I Wear?

Wear anything that you are comfortable in! Costa Rica is very casual. The house where we are is right on the ocean, so the weather will be hot and humid (80-90 degrees!), with a lovely ocean breeze. Please bring clothes that you can comfortably move and sit in for our morning movement and meditation, like yoga or exercise clothes. For the rest of the activities, you can wear anything you feel good in--from shorts and a t-shirt, to yoga pants, to a caftan and headdress--it’s all up to you! For dinner, you can walk to all the nearby restaurants on the beach, so you can walk barefoot or carry flip flops or sandals. We recommend bringing an older swimsuit because of the dark sand in the surf on the beach, and some strappy Teva-like sandals or older sneakers for any outdoor adventures you do on your own or with the group.


What Does the Retreat Cost?

The retreat prices vary depending on a number of factors, including whether you share a room, and if your room has an en suite bathroom or a shared bathroom. We have priced the retreat very competitively and can tell you that it is a fantastic deal for the amazing value and experience that you will be receiving!

Click here to contact us for specific information on retreat pricing.

What Is included in the Price?

The retreat price includes lodging (linens and beach towels are provided); airport transfer; breakfast, lunch, snacks, and welcome and closing dinner; a rejuvenating beach massage when you arrive, a snorkeling adventure, daily yoga and meditation, and volunteer opportunities. Please note that you are responsible for your flight, dinner for the remaining nights, and any optional excursions & souvenirs during your free day.

What Will We Eat?

The retreat price includes a simple, healthy breakfast, lunch, and snacks. We will strive to make the meals delicious and using local ingredients when possible. Most meals will be gluten-free and dairy-free. You are very welcome to buy additional food and drinks and keep them in the kitchen.

We will have two special dinners together at the house created just for us by a private chef! One night will be a typical Costa Rican dinner and the other will be a private cooking lesson. The remainder of the nights, dinner is on your own. We will provide recommendations for a variety of nearby local beach restaurants that are within easy walking distance.

Where Is the Retreat?

The retreat is at a private house right on the beach in Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica. It is twenty minutes from the Liberia airport and has a private pool and is located directly on the beach. Playa Hermosa is in Guanacaste province, in the Pacific northwest part of Costa Rica. Click here to see Playa Hermosa on the map. 

What Airport Should I Fly Into?

Plan to fly into Liberia International Airport. (The official name is Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport.) This is a large, international airport serviced by many U.S. and international airlines.  The airport is just 20-30 minutes from the beach house.  We will provide transport to and from the airport so you can arrive in style and without stress like the VIP that you are!

What If I’ve Never Done Yoga or Meditation? No worries! All of the activities we do as a group will be accessible to all levels -- beginner or expert. Also, this retreat is for YOU to do what you want and need and feel your best. So if you feel like sitting out one day or skipping a planned activity, no problem! Consider the itinerary an invitation to you -- do what serves you and leave the rest.

What About Alcohol? You are welcome to get anything you like at the store and keep it in the house’s kitchen. All of the nearby restaurants and bars serve alcohol as well. Although we may surprise the group with a bottle of bubbly or a special Costa Rican drink once in a while, we want to set the expectation that this is not an all-inclusive and generally you are on your own in terms of alcoholic drinks.

How Can I Stay Connected?

The house has wifi so you can connect your computer or phone and be easily accessible by email, iMessage, FaceTime or Zoom. Please check with your phone carrier about expenses for international calls and data usage--each provider is different and we do not want you to have a surprise charge when you get home! We understand the need to be connected to home when you travel, especially for family or work emergencies, but we also encourage you to "unplug" as much as possible to be fully present and take full advantage of the opportunity to recharge and reconnect with yourself.

Do I Need a Converter?

You do not need a converter, all of the outlets fit standard American-style cords. Two-prong (like an iphone charger) or three prong (like a computer cord) both work. 

Are There Blow Dryers?

There are not blow-dryers in the house. If you prefer to blow dry your hair, please plan to bring your own blow dryer. You do not need a converter for it. (However, with the humidity and ocean breeze, you may also want to consider just giving your hair a break and embracing beachy waves for a week!)

What Else Do I Need?

  • A positive attitude and willingness to be open to new experiences and friendships 😊

  • Have a current passport (you do not need a visa)

  • Provide a copy of travel insurance if you chose to purchase this

  • Check with your doctor regarding necessary immunizations and medication