My name is Annie. I'm a life and health coach working with professional women. I help women JUST LIKE YOU prioritize your own health and happiness, and automate healthy habits so you can show up confidently in your life, shine in your career, and have the energy, confidence, and stamina to crush your goals!


I have a holistic approach to wellness, and work with clients on all aspects of health, weight loss, & wellness:


~Stress Management


~Movement & fitness

~Organization, planning, and goal setting


I'm super passionate about this work because, after 8 years as a big firm lawyer, I came to realize that:

~Most high-achieving women fail to prioritize their own health & happiness

~Burnout is real

~It is NOT selfish to take care of yourself

~Right now, more than ever, we need a new generation of leaders to show up as our best, brightest, healthiest, strongest, most confident selves and go make an impact on our world.


I'm here to help women have the strength, stamina, energy, and confidence to break through that glass ceiling and create a life of joy, ease, impact, and abundance.


Over the past couple of years I have done some serious soul searching and evaluated all  aspects of my life: relationships, mindset, finances, health, giving... you name it. All this was triggered when one of my very best friends died unexpectedly. I decided to live my life as a legacy to her and a tribute to her spirit. I KNOW she would want me to be outrageously, ridiculously happy and successful and live my absolute best life. I decided to do exactly that. (Well, I'm a work in progress, to be sure, but I'm on that path!)


And along the journey over these past years I have discovered that my divine mission is to empower other women to live their absolute best lives!

What if... you could take your results to the next level, lock in your healthy habits until they become automatic, and consistently hit your health goals with joy, ease, and confidence? (And NEVER need to "go on a diet" ever again?)

The Dream Lab is an exclusive, high touch, online nutrition, mindset, and fitness community designed exclusively for highly motivated, professional women LIKE YOU. I offer both 1:1 and intimate small group coaching.

My coaching philosophy is based on:

  • Science-based macro nutrition + practical guidance to implement macro- and micro-  nutrition into your busy lifestyle

  • Boosting your metabolism naturally, instead of restricting calories or cutting carbs

  • Mindset & stress management

  • Bringing more joyful movement into your life

  • Efficient & effective strength training & fitness, instead of lots of cardio

  • Working WITH your cycle, instead of against it

  • Creating  community of women supporting women

We do this so YOU can:

  • Hit your health & weight goals with ease & confidence

  • Automate healthy habits

  • Never "go on a diet" again

  • Feel confident & happy in your body

  • Create time, energy, and brain power to shine in your career, show up fully for yourself and your family, and make an impact in your community

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